Launched April 1st, 2021

drifting COBOL

With the amazing success of Drifting Ruby, it was time to launch another tutorial site with the best training possible.

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Why learn COBOL in 2021?

Early in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the recently passed CARES Act had added $600 to weekly unemployment payments nationwide, but New Jersey’s archaic unemployment software, written in COBOL, couldn’t incorporate the extra money without reprogramming, and there was nobody on staff capable of doing the job.

Job Security

The one software developer job with guaranteed job security! Fire me and good luck finding someone else still alive to maintain your code!

Endless Demand

Created in 1959, and still supported today. There will never be a job shortage of COBOL developers.

Cutting Edge of the 80's

The architecture of the IBM AS/400 processor has 12.7 mm CMOS ASIC chips utilizing 0.8 μm lithography and 0.5 μm channel lengths that provide outstanding silicon performance and allow the processor to meet density requirements.

Industry Leading Technology

COBOL is used in major companies around the world. It's found in all kinds of exciting industries using the latest and greatest technology of the '80s.





Easy to learn

Years of documentation and training have been created over the years.

Is this real?

No. But Drifting Ruby is.

Join thousands on Drifting Ruby to stay on top of Ruby development. Growing library of targeted topics on Ruby on Rails, StimulusJS, Javascript libraries and more!

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Some Drifting Ruby Highlights

Community Driven

Suggest and Vote on a topic that you would like to see a screencast for. Pro subscribers will have greater priority for selection of their idea to become a screencast.

Educational Discounts

Students and teachers can subscribe at a discounted rate of $9.00 per month. Subscription comes with all of the benefits of a Pro Membership. Valid school email required.

Applied Principles

Topics covered have real world applications. Easy to follow videos where you can apply the concepts to your application.

Why Drifting Ruby?

Provide use cases that are commonly found when architecting and developing your application. New and relevant videos released every week.


Private Slack Team

Educational and Pro Memberships gain access to a private Slack team to discuss development topics and random stuff.

Quality Screencasts

Time invested into every screencast; from research, preperations, recording and editing to bring the best quality possible.